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ISO 22000:2005 certification

ISO 22000:2005(food safety management) is an International Standard for Food Safety Management System applicable for all types of the food industry in India and across the world to ensure hazard free food product supply. ISO 22000 certification in India is applicable in food processing industries. Getting ISO 22000 for food process ensure hazardous free and nutrient food products. This standard was published in 2005, with food safety standard features to ensure hazard free production process and supply. ISO 22000 principles play vital role in organization for worker’s to aware them from incident occur in process and assure them for risk free & hazard free chain process .
ISO 22000 Standard control the all process activities involved in whole chain process as raw material supplier, primary producers, manufacturer, packaging department ware house department, Logistic vendor & Retailer packing, distribution & Hassle free delivery of product to end consumer. While implementing ISO 22000 in organization the role of ISO 22000 consultant is most important in whole process as he coordinate with organization for hassle free process implementation. We are reputed and experienced consultant for ISO 22000 Certification process in India and we are working with many organization to prepare the framework for FSMS standard to achieve their food safety objective with standard optimization.

ISO 22000 stands for risk and hazard free production process using process control principles. Role of ISO 22000 (food safety management system) certification in India, is to helps organizations to identify and control food safety risk and hazards in the food process to fulfill health and safety regulation guideline issued by Government . The aim of hiring ISO 22000 consultant in India is to prepare the framework for hassle free production system.