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ISO Certification in Oman

Unizen is one of the best ISO Certification consultant in Oman providing ISO documentation, training and implementation service for wide range of ISO Standard such as ISO 9001 certification, ISO 14001 certification, ISO 45001, ISO 50001, ISO 22000 certification process in Oman . For any Organization, that intended to improve performance and productivity can implement globally recognized ISO standard with help of Best ISO consultant in Oman. The main objective of ISO Certification is to strive continuous improvement in performance and productivity to survive in competitive market using best practices. For the best certification service ISO consultant in Oman play vital role to help an Organization for process optimization in business model and enhance business performance in term of effective and reliable output that help an Organization to succeed in global market with good credibility and customer satisfaction policy Oman is an independent state in Arabian country on the south eastern coast of the Arabian Peninsula in Western Asia. It is the more traditional and develep countries in the GCC. In recent years, Oman is one of the most develop emerging countries in the world, being enriched with natural resources as petro gas, crude oil and other resources Oman is attracting the investor from worldwide in construction, refinery, infrastructure development, natural Gas production. Having the large crude oil resource in state economy of Oman is now boosted by growing refinery process, tourism sector and other trade sectors like export of dates, sea food and other natural petro gas. Major work of Oman is crude oil production and refinery, construction and tourism. Oman is independent state in the Arab world, the more traditional countries in the Gulf region having natural resources and some major production and crude oil production and refining, natural and liquefied natural gas (LNG) production; construction, cement, copper, steel, chemicals, optic fiber. Oil and gas have the vital role in growth of Oman’s economy and the the Omani Government also aware that after certain time the main resource of their country will run out soon so the Sultanat of Oman is emphasizing on development of new Business trade centre, food processing and tourism sector that is the reason for deamnding in quality to attract the global customer. Muscat is the capital of Oman and main business centre of Oman thus the global investor are doing their investment among those companies whose are using best practices to comply the requirement of ISO Standard in Oman. The business organization are aware to adopt the ISO model because its create the trust among the customer’s mind in Global Market for trusted business deal.
We are the best ISO certification consulting company in Oman offers a wide range of ISO consulting services like ISO 9001, ISO 27001, ISO 14000, ISO 45001, SA 8000, ISO 22000 HACCP , ISO 17025, ISO 29000, ISO 50001 and other ISO certification process consultancy service in Oman

Scope of ISO Certification in Oman

There are several reason that make it most potential market for ISO Certiffication. Oman is famous for natural resources such as crude oil and natural Gas in worldwide thus it become most important to implement effective working system that help an organization for safe processing and safey delivery.
Let understand the reason for ISO Requirement in Oman .

Infrastructure Development

There are several ISO ccertification body working in Muscat, the capital and bsuiness centre of Oman have good infrastructure, especially road connectivity is excellent expanded in recent decades. Oman now has 12,402 kilometres of paved roads and 17,009 kilometres of graded roads. There is vital role of Road Network in growth of business infrastructre and investment. Railway network is connecting the UAE border with the Port of Sohar, Muscat, the new port of Duqm, and the southern city of Salalah, will be part of a wider railway network in the GCC, hence ISO Certification in Oman have important role for better system development. Oman is also investing more fund for global air connectivity to improve its airport infrastructure for investor and tourist thus importance of ISO Certification in Oman become success key as it provide the safe and secure working environment.


Oman is emerging state in Tourism development in their country as they have long Coastline, Mountain view site and word heritage sites. The government of Oman is engaged in developing world class Hospitality service in their estate. The hospitality industry is using best practices for safe and secure service in terms of Quality food products and safe stay. Thus the importance of ISO 22000 Certification in Oman become important to apply the best practices for quality food service and safe delivery using ISO 22000 And HACCP principles. In recent time its seen that infrastructure development is in full swing thus the scope of ISO Certification become most important to apply safety control in term of employee safety. the Sultanate of Oman is providing safe and secure environment for global investor, thus its become most importnat to meet the regualtory requirement of standrad for better working culture. Unizen is dedicated to provide best ISO consulting service fo various ISO Certification Process in such as ISO 9001, ISO 45001, ISO 50001, ISO 22000 and other global standard in Oman.

Benefit Of ISO Certification In Oman

There are several organization surviving in Oman to attain the best market value for their product and service to expand their business in international market. ISO certification play important role to achieve best result in performance and productivity. Some major benefit of ISO certification are here
• Improve process efficiency.
• Increase profit and market potential
• Differentiate in competitive market
• Avail opportunities for global market
• Help to develop company and product quality.
• Increase customer satisfaction with your products.
• Help to increase revenue and business from new customers.
• Enhance internal management.
• Increase efficiency and productivity.
• Improve customer retention and acquisition.
• Get regular outcomes.
• Reduce Waste and Save Money.
• Develop a professional culture and better employee morale.

ISO Certification Cost in Oman

ISO certification cost in Oman depends on some predefined checklist that will be filled by the consultant with support of management team to estimate the actual cost of complete process. There are several factor in certification that affect the cost of certification:
• scope of organization
• Size of organization
• total no. of site
• process complexity and man days
• selection of required standrad
• selection of certification agency

ISO certification process in Oman

ISO Certification process in Oman enable the organization to improve their work efficiency and maintain the regulatory requirement of ISO standard to lead in corporate sector as well as global market in term of quality and service policy
ISO certification enables Organization to improve performance of an organization with internal audit, assessment, gap analysis, and risk based decision making which ensure products and services consistently meet customer requirements along with consistent improvement in quality as well customer satisfaction. Internal audit and risk assessment is major process in Organization to review the exiting business process module and identify the type of risk that can affect the process. ISO certification system provide the best business process module to optimize exiting process with effective and globally accepted ISO system. ISO principles are foundation for any business looking for continuous growth in (3P Model) process, performance and productivity

these are process for ISO certification:

• Planing with management for required standard
• Document Review and internal audit
• Gap Analysis and decision making
• Training and third party audit
• Final Report submission
• Final certification